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2018 China (Ningbo) International PU Exhibition
May 17, 2018

Time: May 30-June 1, 2018

Location: Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center

■Group exhibition background:

2018 China (Ningbo) International Polyurethane Expo was held in Ningbo and developed into the leading polyurethane exhibition in the Asia Pacific region and even the world. The growth of the exhibition also witnessed the vigorous development of China's polyurethane industry. Many famous international and domestic polyurethane industry suppliers have chosen this exhibition as a platform to showcase their latest products and industry results.

In the past 20 years, China's polyurethane industry has achieved rapid development. The scale of production has grown from hundreds of thousands of tons per year to nearly 10 million tons, and the output and consumption ranks first in the world, effectively supporting the development of the national economy. According to statistics from China Polyurethane Industry Association, in 2013 China's polyurethane production and sales accounted for more than 40% of the world. The total polyurethane production reached 8.7 million tons that year, an increase of 11.5% over the previous year. Among them, 3.4 million tons of polyurethane foams, 400,000 tons of spandex, 700,000 tons of elastomers, 2.3 million tons of synthetic leather stocks and raw liquids for soles, 1.4 million tons of coatings, and 500,000 tons of adhesives and sealants.

■Exhibition highlights:

1. On-site transaction is reached: Although the time of the exhibition is short, it is easy to reach an intention because of direct face-to-face meeting with the merchant.

2. Corporate and product promotion: The exhibition is a kind of three-dimensional advertisement. It is advisable to enhance the buyer's understanding of products and services.

3, establish a corporate image: establish a good corporate image in the industry and user areas, enhance the status of the industry.

4. Deepen the market understanding: Understand market demand and potential in communicating with buyers is more intuitive and accurate than daily market research.

5. Develop markets and establish marketing channels: Use participation in exhibitions to develop markets and find customers to find agents or joint venture partners.

6. Broaden the international perspective: An effective platform for international cooperation has been established to make products and companies more internationally accurate.

■ Reasons for choosing this show:

Meet existing customers and strengthen customer relations

Discover new channels and businesses

Live show your products and services

Meet face-to-face with as many potential customers as possible in the shortest possible time

Improve your company's image in the Asian market

Establish a network of relationships with polyurethane professionals

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