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Development Trend Of Polyurethane Industry
May 16, 2018

At present, the polyurethane has formed a number of industrial bases in China. The Yangtze River Delta area with Shanghai as the center is the most developed area of the domestic polyurethane industry. Its polyurethane materials and products have occupied more than half of the country, and the Bohai region and the northeast area with Huludao as the center are characterized by more and more polyurethane raw materials and products. Large scale, wide market and strong chemical foundation are the bright spots for the future development of polyurethane industry in China. The economic regions around Bohai, including Beijing, Tianjin, Liaoning, Qingdao, Yantai and Hebei, are one of the more developed regions of the domestic PU industry at present and in the future. Huludao is the youngest city in the Bohai economic zone. It is the main road connecting northeast and North China. The industrial foundation is strong and the industrial planning occupies the advantage. It is now domestic. One of the most concentrated areas of PPG and TDI resources, Jinhua Chemical Industry Group has an annual output of 130 thousand tons polyether unit, and 50 thousand tons of TDI unit in the first phase of Liaoning Jinhua is built, and the other northwest, southwest and Hercynian areas will also be the key areas for future development of the polyurethane industry

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