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May 17, 2018

Polyurethane tire rubber polyurethane elastomer is a kind of polymer composite material with high hardness and high elasticity. Based on excellent mechanical properties, the application of polyurethane elastomers in tires has been studied since the 60 century of 20 century. In particular, the castable polyurethane elastomer is the most wearable elastic body, which has the advantages of coloring, high cutting resistance, vibration absorption, vibration absorption, shock absorption, heavy load bearing capacity and excellent oil resistance and chemical resistance. It also has no toxic effect on human body and can be completely biodegradable. It is not necessary to add carbon black and aromatic hydrocarbon oil. It is made of tyres. Ideal material for the tread. Polyurethane tire is made by casting process, and its structure is very different from the tire produced at present. The full polyurethane tire is composed of 3 parts, including the carcass, the belt and the tread. There are two forms of polyurethane inflated tires: one is the polyurethane made from the matrix, and the tread is the rubber for the ordinary tire; the other is the meridian matrix and the tread is polyurethane. Polyurethane inflated tires have the following advantages compared with ordinary radial radial tires: (1) the average low oil consumption is 10%, 51% of the tread wear is low, 3 is 30%, and 4 is less than 35% of the rolling resistance; (5) the uniformity is better, and the tread dissection will not appear.

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