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PU Industry Summit-Focusing On The New Trend Of Polyurethane Development In 2018 Environmental
May 17, 2018

Safety Becomes a Driving Force for Growth

In 2017, Polyurethanes underwent a series of ups and downs. Many of its raw material prices hit a record high. This year, it experienced the strictest environmental storm in history. On the occasion of the 2018's opening, more attention will be given to this year's market trend. What will happen to the polyurethane market in the future and what new products will have an impact on the market? How should traditional enterprises upgrade? With these questions, we approached the 15th Polyurethane Industry Summit hosted by Shanghai Cosmos Business Development Co., Ltd., which was held in Nanjing on March 14th, and the polyurethane CASE system-focusing on the elastomer summit was tight. This was followed on the 15th by the same day. The two conferences brought together representatives of more than 300 upstream and downstream companies from all over the country.

As one of the six synthetic materials, polyurethane has been used more and more widely in recent years. The polyurethane industry scale has expanded rapidly. According to the statistics of Tiantian Chemical Network, the global production of polyurethane products has exceeded 21 million tons, and in 2018 it is expected to exceed 28.6 million tons, among which, Foam systems and non-foam system products will each occupy half of the country, and their huge growth potential is of concern.

CASE polyether is also called elastomer polyether. It mainly acts on coatings, adhesives, sealants, elastomers, etc. Elastomer polyethers are widely used in many fields of life. As for the development status of CASE polyether, Ms. Liu Huanhuan, an analyst at Tiantian Chemical Network, said that in 2017, the global polyether production capacity exceeded 12 million tons, of which China is the largest polyether producer in Asia and the world, and China’s polyether production in 2017. It can be calculated as 5.71 million tons, and production volume is 2.81 million tons, an increase of 6.5% over the same period of last year. She also stated that according to the data analysis of the Tiantian Chemical Network, the composite growth rate of the CASE industry in 2018-2022 is expected to be around 8%, and the compound growth rate of polyurethane coatings is 10%. At the same time, the composite growth rate of adhesive/sealant is about 10%, and the compound growth rate of elastomer (TPU) is about 8%.

As CASE is used in more and more fields, the country has put forward higher standards such as environmental protection, performance and safety in relevant product areas. Dr. Peng Hui of Shandong Lanxing Dongda mentioned that Bluestar Dongda In the CASE polyether field, we have always maintained innovative ideas. We have successively developed a variety of high-activity, high-definition, water-based polyether polyols, such as 10LD76EK/10LD83EK/10LD8001, which can fully meet the growing demand of customers for products.

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