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Polyurethane Spray Machine For Wall

Polyurethane Spray Machine For Wall

PU Spray Foaming Machine
1、Power: Pneumatic
3、Gun Type:Spray/Injecting
4、Whole Power: 15000W
Pneumatic Polyurethane Foam Machine FD-411A...

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Pneumatic Polyurethane Foam Machine FD-411A applies to external wall insulation,roof waterproofing,insulation Pipeline,Cold Storage Insulation and so on.This machine is very easy for construction.




FD-411A project polyurethane spraying machine

Fixed host configuration

1 Taiwan

Self-cleaning spray gun

1 set

Gross weight


Feed pump

2 sets

Heated hose

49.2 ft (15 m)

Data ratio of raw materials

1: 1 (fixed)

Raw material viscosity range

200-1000CPS (at working temperature)

Working pressure

17 MPa (170 bar)

Maximum Fluid Temperature

88 ° C (190 ° F)

Maximum output

10 kg / min (22 lb / min)

Each heater power


Heating hose power

1000W / 15m

Total power



230V 1-ph / 400V 3-ph

Machine size

870mm * 700mm * 1150mm

1450 mm * 400 mm * 550 mm


1:Proportion Fixed Mainframe: 1 set

2:Self-cleaning spray/injecting gun: 1 set

3:Heating and preserved pipe: 49.2 feet (15m)

4:Connecting pipe for spray gun: 4.9 feet (1.5m)

5:Transfer pump: 2 sets

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1: The design of the whole machine is compact, light weight, mobile convenience.
2: The unique booster pump design, simple structure, low use cost and long service life.
3: Small equipment investment, quick effect.
4: Use 90 percent imported accessories for all fittings, equipment machine repair, 2 years of accessories provided free of charge.
5: A specially designed pneumatic motor, make uniform spraying pressure, spraying, high efficiency.

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We have customers from both domestic market and oversea market. Our main sales market:Europe, North and South America, Australia, the Middle East, Russia,and other more than 30 countries worldwide

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Q1. Where are your machines currently stocked?

Answer:Our office is located in Shandong and we have yard in Shandong so

all the machinery located in Shandong .

Q2. What does the warranty refer to? Just the machine, or all the parts?

Answer:Two years free warranty, lifelong provide accessories.

Q3. What is your payment?

Answer:Payment is negotiable (TT,LC etc)

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