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Insulation Pipe Of Polyurethane Foam Injection Machine

Insulation Pipe Of Polyurethane Foam Injection Machine

Polyurethane foam machine high-voltage insulation tube...

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1、The Heating and Insulation Pipe of Jinan Saijun polyurethane equipment is designed by a particular method.It ensures the heating speed and keeps the heating conduction uniform and the heating process stable.

2、The sensitive and high quality electrical parts keep the heating signal feed backing rapidly and the controlling of temperature more accurate and convenient during the work process.

3、It uses specially-made resinous and strengthen tube inside the pipe, that makes a high strength of the pipe while the pipe has agood flexibility.It is convenient for moving during use process.

4、There are multilayer and idiosyncratic protective sleeves over the pipe.Those can both reduce the heating loss and enhance the heating efficiency of the pipe.

5、The idiosyncratic nylon protective sleeve which is outermost of the pipe is perishable wear-resistant. That makes the pipe good for using in the bad environment of the construction site

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