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Polyurethane Inject Gun

Polyurethane Inject Gun

Air self-cleaning spray gun
1、Max. fluid working pressure : 24Mpa
2、Air inlet pressure: 0.4~0.8Mpa
3、Air tube dia: Φ8×1
4、Working flow: 2~8Kg/ min
5、Type of nozzle: round, flat and perfusion
6、weight: 0.9kg
Polyurethane foaming equipment Air self-cleaning spray gun...

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1、Having the complete independent intellectual property rights in design and production,advance in technology and reliable in quality.

2、Compact in structure, delicate and flexible,fabricated with high performance lightweight material with the total weight only 0.9kg.

3、Completely isolation for the compressed air from the raw material from the inlet up to the outlet after mixing,equipment cleaning without compressed air.

4、The fission type design for pneumatic part and raw material part avoiding the blocking.

5、Dual piston design providing more power enabling the gun action smooth and flexible.

6、Simple combination design with mixture of core and nozzle makes the cleaning and disassembly easier and can change the nozzle direction at any time.

7、Design of multiple types for spraying nozzle can meet the requirements of different flow rates.

8、Professional coating protection of the gun body and parts makes the cleaning easier ,as well as attractive and durable.

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